Thames and Hudson

Pop-Up Earth!

  • €26,00

The team behind Pop-Up Moon apply their wizardry to our home – planet Earth. Annabelle Buxton’s gorgeous illustrations are showcased in five interactive pop-ups:

• A globe/cross section of the globe
• A microscope showing the development of the living world
• Fragile biodiversity portrayed as a house of cards
• A tectonic plate
• A waterfall

Accompanied by texts on the earth's natural resources, its biodiversity and the dangers that threaten it, this is a must-read for budding scientists and great dreamers.

Exceeds all expectations ... the pop-ups are so beautiful and intricate'

'Really ingenious paper engineering at play in this book ... not only clever but also beautifully illustrated'

'The incredible pop-ups really have to be seen to be believed!'

'A fascinating read with a strikingly rich colour palette and so much illustrative detail amongst the paper engineering; there’s an abundance of features and new things to spot each time we pick it up'