Klijai. Ecommu Nori Glue Pot

  • €2,10

Yamato is a 120-year-old heritage Japanese stationery brand making practical craft glue and stationery accessories, which are best sellers in Japan and widely used in schools. Their Nori Paste is undisputedly the most iconic Japanese glue on the market.

Yamato's famous Starch Paste glues are made from tapioca: they're effective, environmentally friendly and non toxic, plus they're a pleasure for kids and adults to use! The tubs have a child-proof cap and have a clear spatula in the lid for application. 

Nori paste is acid-free and meant for use with paper. Inside the lid is a little spatula, which we find amusing because it's just like the ones that come with single-serving ice cream. 

This is the small 70g size. 

Made in Japan.