Prieskoninė žolelė. Basil "Red Rubin"

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Valgomų augalų ir gėlių sėklos namams ir miesto sodininkams.
As the name suggests, Red Rubin Basil is a red-coloured basil. More specifically, it has dark, reddish-purple leaves and stems, making it most appealing for salads and garnishes. Another small difference from regular basil is that Red Rubin has a stronger flavour. Evidence of a reddish basil dates back to the 1830s, when the English botanist George Bentham first discovered an ‘opal’ strain of the plant. It wasn’t until 1950, however, that a genuine red/purple basil cultivar was created: the Dark Opal. Red Rubin is a new, improved variant of this cultivar, having larger, more deeply purple leaves and being less prone to areas of green developing. You can guarantee that vibrant Red Rubin will stand out from the crowd!

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