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Kortelės. Simplicity Cards

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In an overcomplicated world, what many of us crave deep down is greater simplicity: less clutter, fewer commitments, less static and chaos. This ingenious set of cards asks us a range of deceptively simple questions – which we can answer by ourselves or with friends – that focus our minds on what really counts. They give us confidence to assess what we might give up on and where our true focus should lie. They ask us to look at our careers, our relationships, our family lives, and our ambitions more broadly. In a few easy steps, the cards help us prioritise and sift – and, with gentle humour, guide us to the simpler lives we long for and deserve.


Name ten ‘friends’ you keep seeing but that – in truth – you might be entirely content never to meet up with again.

You’ve probably read hundreds of books to date. Which three have really mattered

Imagine that you were only allowed to make two more trips abroad in your life. Where still offers you something – and why?

It’s the end of your life; what are two things you really want to tell the world in brief and simple terms?


52 kortelės.
Matmenys - 9,1 x 6,7 cm.
Žaidimas anglų kalba.