Mechaninis pieštukas. Orenz Nero 0,3mm

  • €45,00

0.3mm mechanical pencils are something of a wonder to us. The leads are SO tiny, and SO fine and require a fine touch to use properly (Note: stay away if you're heavy-handed!!). Used properly, they make the loveliest, most delicate mark and are popular for technical drawing. 

Pentel's Orenz line of mechanical pencils are made specifically to accomodate thin leads (they even make a 0.2mm version!) and feature a little sliding sleeve to protect the lead from breaking. There's also an auto-advancement feature that advances the lead as you write, so you won't have to continuously click. 

This pencil takes any 0.3mm mechanical pencil lead

Pentel is one of the most widely recognized writing instrument manufacturers in the world. It was started in Tokyo in 1946 to make crayons and pastels and later, pens and pencils. Their greatest claim to fame in the world of writing tools is the Sign Pen, which was the first felt-tip pen of its kind.