Užrašinė. Bauhaus Edition [A5]

  • €25,00

Clean, reduced forms, functional details and classic colours are core components of the Bauhaus movement.

These principles are also the inspiration behind the products designed by LEUCHTTURM1917. Consequently, we created an edition comprising notebooks, pen loops and pencils. Our tribute to the revolutionary style of Bauhaus.

Wassily Kandinsky, painter and teacher of the Bauhaus movement, summed it up in the following statement:

“Everything starts from a dot.” This quote, embossed on the cover, underlines the fact that a creative mind puts its ideas down on paper, starting with a dot. The first point of contact between thought and paper – a decisive moment –  indeed, so decisive, that we are dedicating this special edition to it. Special details include the coloured fore edge as well as the colour-coordinated dotted ruling.


Dydis (L) - 145 × 210 mm (A5).
Lapų skaičius - 251,
Lapų piešinys - taškeliais.
Popierius -  aukštos kokybės 80g.

Papildomos detalės: 
- elastinė juosta uždarymui.