Užrašinė. Edition 120G [A5]

  • €26,00

The new 120G Edition notebooks are a perfect choice for anyone who loves to combine writing with sketching and drawing. By adding the right filler, the paper has a very low transparency. Writing and drawings are not visible from the back.

Whether you choose a classic notebook, bullet journal or use the paper for hand lettering: The properties of this special paper mean that it is suitable for a whole host of uses. The 120G Edition. A matter of transparency. Page for page – pleasure that unfolds.

Low transparency

By adding the right filler, the paper has very low transparency. Writing is not visible from the back. Each stroke retains a clear outline as the ink will not run.

Smooth surface

During production, the pressure of the roller gives the paper a smooth and particularly slippery surface. This not only results in a writing experience with a pleasant flow, it is also gentle on the pen being used.


Dydis (L) - 145 × 210 mm (A5).
Lapų skaičius - 203,
Lapų piešinys - tuščiais lapais.
Popierius -  aukštos kokybės 120 g.

Papildomos detalės: 
- elastinė juosta uždarymui.